Working With Frame One

Promotional Pamphlet // Graphic Design


Project Overview

Role: Graphic Designer

This is a promotional pamphlet/magazine layout that I made for Frame One Software. Its purpose is to show clients the process of working with the company, and what the various stages would be like. Following Frame One’s branding and inspired by technology and abstract shapes, I was able to produce this design to be used by the organization.

Frame One Software Brand Identity

In order for the deisgn to be consistent across the board, I stuck with colors that I found in Frame One’s main logo, along with existing graphics like this one below. The strong purples and light blue would be a great contrast with a minimal white background. I also filled up white space with dot patterns.

The CEO of Frame One Software and I worked closely in the process of designing this, as he of course, wanted it to properly reflect on the company’s image as a whole. 

Furthermore, I also wrote and edited the majority of this pamphlet, with the CEO supplying the copy for areas I wasn’t overly familiar with (ie. software deployment). Overall, he was incredibly happy with the result.

You can see the pamphlet live on the Frame One Software website.

Final Product

This is the final design of the Working with Frame One promotional pamphlet. In addition to the mockups, I have also made an interactive flipbook so you can get a better sense of a 3-Dimensional layout.

Mobile users – please view in landscape mode.

Project Finished!