Wei:Mei Newsletter

Layout // Graphic Design


Project Overview

Role: Graphic Designer

唯美 (“wei mei”) means aesthetic in Chinese. Similarly, this is a magazine/newsletter publication that focuses on Asian culture and aesthetics. In this issue, I used the idea of the lantern festival after Lunar New Year to create an entertaining and educational print project.

Moodboard and Grid

Before I started my composition, I generated a moodboard to get the “feeling” of the lantern festival. I also wanted to incorporate traditional Asian architecture within my design, since the image of lanterns hanging on a pagoda was exactly the vision I had in my mind.

I intended for this newsletter to have a very clean and minimalist design. This is in order to bring attention to the images rather than uneeded clutter. Because of this, I created a grid for the magazine that was very simple and elegant, free of unnessecary “vanity design” elements.

All the text from the magazine comes from Wikipedia. The images are all free to use from Unsplash – credits to the sources are placed within the newsletter itself.

Final Product

This is the final design of the Wei:Mei newsletter publication! As you can see, I stuck with the minimalistic layout and Asian inspired look and feel. The font I used for the title is Bilbest Demo, which reminded me of brush strokes, but in a very non-embellished way (lacking the swoops and curves – going against the minimalist philosophy). The header font is Bodoni, the poems Hanyi, and the body text Helvetica.

Mobile users – please view in landscape mode.

Project Finished!