Web + Mobile

My name is Susan Li and I’m a Graphic and UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver, BC.

Porfolio Pieces

A collection of my Web and Mobile design projects. I demonstrate my ability to handcode in HTML, CSS, and JS as well as use a variety of tools like frameworks and CMS to create responsive and beautiful webpages. 

Phi Interior Design Website


Phi Interior Design Website

HTML // CSS // JS // Bootstrap // XD

Following the branding project that I created for Phi Interior Design, I wanted to also make a website showcasing this company. This website is fully handcoded using HTML, CSS, and JS. I also used Bootstrap 4 as my framework. This is a simple and minimalist one page website with a gallery, automatic slider, and contact page. Bootstrap grid was used to maximize responsiveness. This site is mobile friendly and 100% reponsive.

Pâtisserie l’Étoile

WordPress CMS

Pâtisserie l’Étoile

WordPress // HTML // CSS // JS // XD

This is a project I built for a ficticious patisserie called Pâtisserie l’Étoile. I designed and developed the website using customized CMS (WordPress), along with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For this project, I started with the initial concept, created wireframes, prepared assets, and finally developed the website. Other tools I used include XD and Photoshop to wireframe and edit graphics. The site is mobile friendly and 100% responsive.