Virtual Styleroom App UI

UI Design // UX + UI


Project Overview

Role: UI Designer

This is a concept of a styling app which allows users to create, share, and recieve outfit recommendations based on their personal fashion tastes. Users also can access additional information like cost, brand, and a link to the product on the company’s website. Using Adobe XD in tandem with Photoshop, I created a high fidelity, interactive prototype.

Design Concept

With concerns over Covid-19, many people are taking the nessecary precautions to stay safe. This means that brick and mortar clothing stores are taking a hit for their business, while more people are turning to e-commerce solutions to satisfy their retail cravings. While online shopping has its benefits, its biggest drawback is first – the lack of feedback in regards to styling, and secondly – the lack of a way to change into the clothes. While the latter is a more difficult issue to solve, I believe that having a way for people to create outfits and recieve feedback is more important than ever.

App Functionality

Virtual Styleroom is a simple, lightweight app focused on minimalism and user-friendly interface design. In the onboarding process, users can select their personal preferences, and upload images of outfits which they find appealing (similar to the ASOS app’s function). The app will then recommend them creations based on what they chose. Users can create their own outfit, upload apprarel, or start a collection – a group of their favourite styles. They can like and follow their favourite stylists. A simple tagging system allows for easy searching. Virtual Styleroom aims to be gender neutral, but for the purposes of this mockup, I selected the “female” option. Therefore the clothes displayed are of the feminine variety.

Live Testing

Using Adobe XD, created all the assets for this interactive prototype. You can click on the link below in order to test it.

I found Adobe XD to be a very powerful tool while I was making this prototype. It has functionality that I will be looking forward to exploring in future projects of this variety.

Product Mockups

Here are the mockups of the prototype, on the iPhone X.

Project Finished!