VanSynth ’19

Illustration // Graphic Design


Project Overview

Role: Graphic Designer

This is a poster series made for a fictional event, VanSynth ’19 – an electronic music festival. Vanynth’s uniqueness comes from its 80s aesthetic – both a nod at retro music as well as the influences of synth based EDM genres (ie. synthwave). I designed and illustrated these posters using Adobe PS and AI.

Design Goals and Mindmap

My design goals were: to create a 3 poster series that must convey the spirit of the festival. The design Concept was “Neo-Retro”, or 80s inspired aesthetics with a modern interpretation. The event should be presented in a way that will encourage both newcomers and regulars alike. The event should be presented as exciting, unique, and everyone should attend and have fun. The purpose of the posters is to generate more interest for VanSynth ’19.

Mindmapping Ideas


  • A 3 day “underground” rave/electronic music festival happening in Vancouver
  • Neo-Retro theme
  • Will feature many local and international artists 
  • Target audience: people aged 20-35, especially Vancouver locals
  • EDM/electronic music/rave fans
  • Aims to create a nostalgic, yet fun + futuristic vibe
  • Setting: Rickshaw Theatre

Illustration Process

Final Results

After the illustration process, I finished the posters in InDeisgn. I decided to choose Rockness – a script, retro inspired font to be my header. I contrasted this with Apple Letters, an unothordox choide, but one that I felt was perfect due to its ultra modern feel. I liked the contrast with one another.

Project Complete!