Printstruct VPI Software

UI Design // UX + UI


Project Overview

Role: UI Designer

This is the UI design of a business tool I created for Printstruct, a company which makes VPIs (Virtual Procedure Instructions) using 3D animation. Following Printstruct’s branding guidelines, I made the interface of a software that allows users to create their own custom VPIs, as well as look at their company members, employee statistics, manage users in the database, and more. I worked closely with the developers of the Frame One Software team, and made sure that this design was technically feasible as it was visually appealing.

What is a VPI?

Credit: Printstruct

VPI stands for Visual Procedure Instructions, and they are videos created with the intent of having employees learn from them, using cutting edge 3D animation technologies. The purpose of this software is to enable users to create their own instructional procedures, track employee progress, and manage users added to the database. The name of the software is still in discussion, which is why it is simply called “VPI Software” for now.

Product Mockups

Project Finished!