Phi Interior Design Branding

Branding // Graphic Design


Project Overview

Role: Graphic Designer

This is a branding project that I did for a ficticious company, Phi Interior Design. I wanted to challenge myself to design something stylistically different from what I normally did, and aim for something more corporate and modern. For this project, I have created a logo with dark and light variations, as well as branded stationary. The concept of the company is based around “phi”, or the golden ratio – a term synonymous with beauty and elegance. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator was used to create these pieces.

Moodboard and Design Concept

“Phi” or the Golden Ratio (1.618) is a mathematical concept that defines beauty in all parts of life, from architecture to art to human attractiveness. Thus, the branding for this company has to convey a sense of elegance and sophistication one associates with Phi. I created a moodboard and mindmap in order to capture the look and feel of this company. After experimenting with the Greek letter, I decided to use the Phi spiral since more are familiar with it.

Product Mockups

Some mockups of the final design of the logo, and its use on stationary and various signage fixtures.

Mobile users – please use landscape view.

In addition, I have also developed a website following this branding project. You can look at the project page through the button below.

Project Finished!