Jazmode Software Logo

Illustration // Graphic Design


Project Overview

Role: Graphic Designer

In this project, I designed a new logo for Jazmode Software, a company that provides tools which help people manage their financial and real estate portfolios. Jazmode’s previous logo was a lotus, but they wanted their branding to match their name. I created a modern looking logo that was inspired by jasmine flowers, while retaining the feel of a professional tech company. 

Initial Logo Variations

I created several different variations of the logo for the client to choose, which I have shown here. He ended up liking logo #1, which was also the favorite of the Frame One Software team.

Live Demo

I created a colored version of the logo, as well as several different monochrome variations. To see this logo live on the web, click here to visit Jazmode Software’s site.

Product Mockups

Some mockups of Jazmode Software’s logo that I made, such as signs and merch.

Project Finished!