About Me

Susan Li is a UX/UI Designer at Frame One Software Inc. Coming from a background in visual arts, she has always admired the artistry of traditional print, while being doubly intrigued by the possibilities of technology and digital media. This lifelong fascination prompted her to pursue a career in the field of Graphic and UX/UI Design. She is a graduate of BCIT’s New Media Design and Web Development program.

Susan has successfully worked on many successful projects with clients, and puts an emphasis on fast delivery with excellent production quality. She is highly proficient in industry standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite, which she had been using to create content since she was fourteen years old. With her dedicated work ethic, professionalism, and creative flair, she is a perfect fit in the digital design industry.

Along with digital art and illustration, Susan also loves writing in her spare time. She has lived in the Greater Vancouver Area since she immigrated to Canada with her family at six years old, and currently resides in Surrey, BC.

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Please contact me for your next project! Let me tell your story.

Email: susansemail195@gmail.com

Instagram (DM): @__suli.designs

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